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Stargazing and Astro Photography Experience

  • Stargazing Experience evenings with Good Day Out
    Stargazing & Astro-photography
  • Learn about the constellations with small group astronomy
    Use professional equipment to see amazing stars and planets
  • Learn how to use telescopes
    Astronomy evenings in small groups
  • Astral photography experience
    Andromeda M110 photographed by Dark Sky Wales
Duration: 3 hours
  • Small group astronomy tuition
  • Use telescopes to take night sky pictures
  • Learn how to recognise constellations
  • Visit one of Britain's few Dark Sky areas

The Good Day Out

Stargazing in the Brecon Beacons with your very own professional astronomer for the evening in one of the world’s few Dark Sky areas!
Take a tour of the night sky, viewing familiar and unfamiliar constellations of the northern hemisphere, find various deep sky objects such as the Orion Nebula and learn the correct use of binoculars and navigation via star maps. You will also be shown how to set up a telescope correctly before viewing and then photographing some of the magnificent sights in the night sky. No prior knowledge or equipment needed, but feel free to bring both!
This evening is now completely conducted by Dark Sky Wales Training Services Limited, and all existing Good Day Out vouchers have been transferred to them for fulfilment. If you would like to book, or have any queries at all, please visit Dark Sky Wales www.darkskywalestrainingservices.co.uk or email allan.darkskywales@gmail.com

Food Included: No
Hands On Level: High
Fitness Level Required: Low

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Need to Know

Please note that Good Day Out no longer has any role in this experience, so kindly contact Allan Trow directly with any queries at all. www.darkskywalestrainingservices.co.uk or email allan.darkskywales@gmail.com

The Good Cause


Hi Julia, Just wanted to say thanks and please pass on my gratitude to Allan and Martin had an incredible evening listening and learner from both of them. Will highly recommend this to everyone i know. Cheers, Steve
Steve M - August 2016
We really enjoyed the evening. There was a little high cloud at the end but the astronomers were most knowledgeable and helpful and they had excellent equipment. We wanted to say thank you. With best wishes, Hazel L
Hazel L - August 2016
Hello Julia, Will you please pass on my thanks again to Martin for a wonderful wonderful evening. An amazing experience!!! I’ll recommend it!!! Pete
Pete - July 2016
She said Yes! It was such a beautiful moment which will stay with us forever. Thank you so much for all your help. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you or Allan. Thank you so much for the pictures. It a was truly magical evening. I hope we can inspire others to create their own stories and memories in the night sky.
Lee & Abby (who became engaged during a special Stargazing evening!)
I had a WONDERFUL night, definitely well worth waiting for! Basically I thought the whole experience was fantastic - the sky from the location Allan had chosen was spectacular in itself, never mind when we started to look through binoculars and telescopes. We had wonderful views of the Moon, Venus and Mars early on - then when it grew darker, Jupiter was beautiful and I saw 2 of it's little moons. Allan explained about constellations, different galaxies, star clusters, nebulae etc etc but he didn't overwhelm us with information - he knows that some of the time, you just need to be given time to look and observe (and gawp in astonishment!) He is extemely knowledgeable but also very enthusiastic - good combination for a course leader! He was very helpful to people who'd brought their own telescopes, helping them get set up and explaining how to use them. I thought we had just the right number there - there were enough binoculars and telescopes that everyone could have a turn.I would recommend this wonderful experience to anyone and my husband & I are going to start doing a bit of stargazing near where we live. A memorable evening, thank you.
Libby Tempest
This was a brilliant evening, well worth the wait. I had looked at the skies previously using my binoculars and a book on Stargazing which I had for my birthday. Whilst I could see the moon and some stars, when looking further away, my binoculars had insufficient focus adjustment and the images were blurred, which was rather disappointing and I was a bit discouraged. On Saturday I discovered that what I had thought was a focus problem, was in fact caused by me looking at a Nebula, and that this was an area of gas which by its very nature looks hazy. Alan confirmed for me that my binoculars were sufficient for stargazing, and how to focus them properly. He gave me confidence in my equipment, and also I now have a better chance of understanding the book. The sky has been cloudy since Saturday, but whilst I don't think I will be able to find half the features Alan pointed out, at least I have a better chance of learning how to do so using the book.
Vincent Lewis
Hi Julia A BIG thank you for the 'Dark Skies Night' Can I say that all three of us thoroughly enjoyed our experience on the night with Alan who was truly a font of knowledge. We all agreed that we would love to do another night in the summer time as we enjoyed the night so much. Even after the cloud set in we manage to get a good hours star gazing in and kept Alan busy asking him lots of questions. Keep up the good work Very Best Regards Gareth
Gareth Wynn
Hi Julia, Just want to drop you an email to say we had a great night at our dark sky evening and it was amazing to listen to Allan and how easy it is to navigate the sky. Thanks for fitting us in :) Gabriela
Gabriela Chandler
Hi Julia, Just to say how much I enjoyed the night. Allan was extremely knowledgeable and very helpful to me, and I must say, some of his obvious passion for astronomy has rubbed off on me, as I am now busy reading as much as I can. It was great for Allan to show us the starting point, and a great, great help in showing me how to set up my telescope, as up until then, it was all very confusing to me. Once again many thanks – John.
John Griffiths
Julia, Thank you very much for all your hard work to try and make our evening a success. Your thoughtful kindness and attention to detail is very much appreciated. Ali
Alison Clements
The evening was fantastic - Alan's knowledge is unbelievable. He was so helpful and really explained what we were seeing, as well as giving us advice so that we could try and find some of the constellations from home. I have been highly recommending him!
Vic Tatler
At last the weather in Brecon came good and we had a wonderful time on Saturday night. Allan's staggering wealth of knowledge gave us a great insight into what is out there. Together with all the wonderful equipment that he brought and had set-up on arrival, we were able to see quite a lot of it.
I just wanted to email you to say my sister, Sarah; thoroughly enjoyed the star gazing with Allan a few weeks ago for her belated birthday. She had a great time and learnt so much. Luckily they had a perfect evening for it too. Sarah and her husband stayed for a few days in the area and have fallen in love with Wales. Thanks once again
Amy Murfin
Just a quick note to say that the other week with Allan was superb.
Simon Lippitt
Well Julia we finally did it . Great night ,not too cold or cloudy ,and we got some nice pictures . Alan was very good and informative and the night went well . Thank-you for your patience and under-standing with the booking with regard to my shifts . If all companies we deal with were as efficient as you, life would be perfect.
David & Susan
Just a little note to say Ian really loved his stargazing evening and apparently the conditions were excellent. :o) Thanks again for all your help.
Julia, Evening was brilliant. A great bunch of people who really wanted to be there. Excellent viewing and a good night had by all. Allan took some excellent shots of the group doing photography so I’m sure there’s some good stuff for the website including the one of me attached with the Milky Way behind. Many thanks again.
Simon Lippitt (3rd time attending!)
I just wanted to email and say that Matt and I really enjoyed the dark skies evening and the conditions were perfect in the end! Martin and Allan were great and just so knowledgeable - we found it all fascinating and have been inspired to learn more about the night sky.
Matt & Meg
I just wanted to feed back how much I enjoyed the stargazing event with Martin on Saturday night. His knowledge of astronomy seemed to be encyclopaedic...there was literally no question that anyone asked him that he couldn't answer on the spot. His undoubted scientific know-how was complemented by an amazing memory of cultural myths relating to constellations. We touched upon Greek, Roman, Arabic, Persian and Celtic traditions during the course of the evening. Amazing!
Finally the weather in Brecon came good. Great time on Saturday night. Martin was very knowledgeable and entertaining, as well as the science of the skies we heard about all the myths and legends too. The observatory was set up on our arrival so we were able to observe using the telescope from the start, the Milky Way was also clearly visible. Later I was able to attach my camera to one of the telescopes and take photos of the moon. Well worth the wait.
Alan R
The stargazing evening has very interesting to us. Magic night. It was a hight point of our vacation!
Adelaide G, Portugal
Thanks Julia :) This is a gift for my mum, it's her birthday on Friday. I've just put everything you've sent together - it looks brilliant! The card graphic is a great idea.
Jenny L